mini-conference 14 Dec

Mobility, Place-Making, and Material Heritage in Indian Ocean Worlds

New York University, Abu Dhabi
December 14 2015, 2-4 Pm
A6 Humanities Building, Room 117
 Convened by Neelima Jeychandran

Through this mini-conference, we will explore new methodologies and theoretical frameworks to understand transregional movements of people and material culture across the Indian Ocean World (IOW) and beyond. As a “process geography,” the IOW has been continuously created by centuries-long cultural exchanges. Our focus is on the means by which process geographies intersect across the ocean, which plays a central role in the histories of both port cities and their hinterlands. Today many cities and towns in the IOW littoral are global cities, and their cultural practices divulge clues about how people migrated, adapted, and assimilated. These are cultural “contact zones” (Pratt 1992; Clifford 1997) where different actors and institutions engage in sources of power and knowledge production. We shall discuss how cross-cultural exchanges are preserved and remembered, updated and reinvented in the IOW through material culture, architecture, performances, rituals, arts and contemporary place-making practices. The mini-conference is convened by Neelima Jeychandran, NYUAD Humanities Research Fellow for Fall 2015, and moderated by Lauren Minsky, Assistant Professor of History at NYUAD.

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