Xan Chacko (Cultural Studies)
Research interests in the history and philosophy of botanical science, scientific visualisation, and feminist science and technology studies with a focus on the movement of germplasm for the purposes of seed banking as a response to the Anthropocene.

Maya Costa-Pinto (Anthropology)
Research interests in South Asia (particularly Portuguese India), Indian Ocean world; waterways (oceans and rivers), cities, urban ecologies, transnationalism, legal anthropology.

Christian Doll (Anthropology)
Research interests in South Sudan; the state and state-making, cities, nationalism, post-colonial independence.

Justin Haruyama (Anthropology)
Research interests in intercontinental relationships between China and Africa (particularly southern and eastern Africa), especially with respect to the anthropologies of development and social transformation; post-development; neoliberalism

Gillian Irwin (Music)
Research interests in Indonesia, particularly revival and reform of traditional music in Sumatra; memory studies; early music; linguistics

Ayanda Manqoyi (Anthropology)
My research interest is to understand how family obligation, known in South Africa as black tax, mediates when one ascends to institutionalized middle class.

Laura Meek (Anthropology)
Research interests in Pharmaceuticals & Globalization of Medicine, Embodiment & Bodily Epistemologies, Ethics of Healing, Gender, World-Making Practices, East Africa, Postcolonial Feminist Science Studies

Christopher Miller (Religious Studies)
Research Interests in South India; Tamil Nadu coastal ecology, temples, yoga and ecology.

Ishani Saraf (Anthropology)
Research interests in South Asia; waste, urban worlds, techniques, markets and exchange, governance and law.

Eveleen Sidana (Anthropology)
Research interests in New high-tech cities, trans-national flows of capital and technologies, expertise and experimentation with urban design and aesthetics, city planning, new media, socio-technical systems, transport and communication mobilities and infrastructure, urban aesthetics, and science and technology studies.

Bidita Jawher Tithi (Geography)
Research interests in environmental risk and resilience discourses in South Asia (with special emphasis on climate change mitigation discourses); cultural politics; gender and development; environmental knowledge; critical political ecology.

Anuj Vaidya (Performance Studies)
Research interests in performance studies, film studies, practice as research, performance and ecology, critical race and gender, caste politics in South Asia, queer theory, feminist STS, Indian epic traditions, indigenous story-telling traditions, speculative fiction, multi-species ethnography, and radical mycology.

May Ee Wong (Cultural Studies)
Research interests in ideologies, representations and practices of the global sustainable city (especially in relation to Asia and the ‘Global South’), contemporary design and urban culture, visual culture and aesthetics, transnationalism.