Research Photos

[img src=]Baobab tree in a forest, Kuruwitu. Bettina Ng'weno, 2015.
Baobab trees dot the coastal landscape of much of Africa. Often having religious importance Baobab trees where brought by Africans to Asia.
[img src=]Harvard Arnold Arboretum. Xan Chacko, 2015.
Plants and seeds from around the world are brought to arboteta and gardens in the US and UK for testing, classification, storage, and genetic manipulation.
[img src=]Svayambhu Lingam. Christopher Miller, 2015.
Vallimalai in Tamil Nadu, India.
[img src=]Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011). Smriti Srinivas.
One of India's most famous global guru, in the 1960s and 1970s. He draws a transnational constituency from Africa to Japan of over 10 million devotees.
[img src=]Collum Coal Mine. Justin Haruyama, 2015.
Entrance of a Chinese family-owned coal mine in Zambia’s Southern province.
[img src=]Sathya Sai Baba Center in Nairobi. Smriti Srinivas.
Baba's only international visit was to Kenya and Uganda in 1968; he was draw large number of visitors and devotees.
[img src=]Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Maya Costa-Pinto, 2015.
Located in the centre of Panaji, it was built by the Portuguese as a chapel in 1541.
[img src=]The Beatles Ashram. Tracy Sachs, 2015.
The abandoned Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram in Rishikesh, India is now a popular site for renegade participatory “bhakti pop art” led by Canadian artist, Pan Trinity Das.
[img src=]Performing Gamelan. Gillian Irwin, 2015.
Now in my second year as a PhD Ethnomusicology student,<br />I perform with the university gamelan. This style of music is from the Sunda region of West Java.
[img src=]Ferries traveling to and from Divar. Maya Costa-Pinto, 2015.
The island is located on the Mandovi River, 10 km from Panaji and is accessible by ferry.
[img src=]Shift Crew. Justin Haruyama, 2015.
Chinese shift boss and his crew as they prepare to descend underground at Shaft 3 of Collum Coal Mine, Southern Province Zambia.
[img src=]Dhow Races in Kilifi, Kenya. Bettina Ng'weno, 2013.
One of the most striking features of dhows is their lantern sails.
[img src=]Jambudweep Campus, Hastinapur, India. Tracy Sachs, 2015.
Digambara Jain sādhakas in the foreground with the Sumeru Mountain tower depicting Jain sacred geography in the background.
[img src=]Girl in Lamu, Kenya. Bettina Ng'weno, 2010.
Having returned from Balochistan I was struck by the similarity of this girl's outfit and look to those of girls in Gwadar on the Makran coast of Pakistan.
[img src=]Banana tree, India. Xan Chacko, 2015.
The banana cannot be saved through cryogenic seed preservation because our selective breeding techniques have rendered the banana sterile.
[img src=]Ramciel, South Sudan. Christian Doll, 2015.
A member of the team of South Koreans and South Sudanese assessing the feasibility of building a new capital city from scratch.
[img src=]Gamelan. Gillian Irwin, 2011.
This is a picture of the first gamelan ensemble I heard live, <br />performing at a wedding ceremony in Karangasem, East Bali.
[img src=]Juba International Airport. Christian Doll, 2015.
Children play on a disintegrating fighter jet —a reminder of the decades of war that preceded South Sudan’s independence and Juba’s subsequent expansion.
[img src=]St. Francis Church, Kochi. Neelima Jeychandran, 2012.
Built in 1503, it is the first European church in India and remained in the Order of St. Francis until arrival of the Dutch in 1663.
[img src=]Bastion Bungalow, Kochi. Neelima Jeychandran, 2012.
Built in 1667, this Indo-European building is the only remaining structure of the once extensive Dutch fortifications in Kochi, India.
[img src=]Vallimalai. Christopher Miller, 2015.
The top of the mountain in Vallimalai, home of the birthplace of the Hindu god Karthikeya's consort Valli.