Bettina Ng’weno (African American and African Studies), Co-Director
Research interests in Latin America, Africa and the Indian Ocean; territory, space, states, popular culture, material culture.



Smriti Srinivas (Anthropology), Co-Director
Research interests in South Asia, East Africa, and the U.S; religious movements, cities and urbanism, utopias, cultures of performance, the body.



Neelima Jeychandran
Research interests in Indian Ocean World Cultures, Afro-Asian Connection,  Port Cities in the Indian Ocean, African Heritage in Asia,  Cultural Memory, Sacred Geography and Ritual Performances.



Vaidehi Ramanathan (Linguistics)
Research interests in English and vernacular language education in South Asia, issues of language and the body, concerns about language policies in formerly colonized countries and literacy practices.


nicole image_mini

Nicole Ranganath (Middle East/South Asia Studies)
Research interests in history of the South Asian diaspora, postcolonial history, digital history, transnational marriage and caste networks.



Parama Roy (English)
Research interests in South Asia and Britain; cultures of colonialism and postcoloniality, Victorian literature/culture, gastropolitics/gastroaesthetics, animal studies.


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James Smith (Anthropology)
Research interests in East and Central Africa; “development” and its vernacular narratives/practices, temporalities, artisanal mining/resource extraction, state transformation, conflict/war, religion, ritual, the occult.